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Youth Ministries

Youth ministries at Central Leo are alive and thriving by the grace of God. We focus on preparing students for a life of faithful living, both now and after High School. Junior and Senior High Students gather on Wednesday nights, from 7-9pm, with a half an hour of hangout time before and after. On Wednesdays, there is teaching, worship in song, snacks, games, and small groups. We also have events, retreats, and mission weeks.

Teaching the Word is a major focus of the ministry, and we cover series like: The Big Story of Scripture (God, Creation, Man, Fall, Restoration), Apologetics, the Spiritual Disciplines, The Story of Jesus (The Gospel of John), among others.

Women's Ministries

The Women’s Ministry at Central Leo is designed to help women grow in their faith and love of God, and to develop caring, meaningful relationships with one another.  Central Leo offers Bible Studies, Sunday School and relationship building events to encourage all Christian women to live their lives to the Glory of God.

College & Career Ministries

Transition from being a teenager to a full fledged adult can be difficult.  That's why Central's college and career group ages 18 to 25 is there with support, fellowship, and weekly Bible Studies.  We aim to help young adults strengthen their faith while they learn what being a mature Christ Follower is all about.

Children's Ministires

At Central Leo we believe our children to be a precious gift from God!  We also believe it's our responsibility to come along side parents to help them raise Godly children in a community of Believers.  Through Sunday School classes and Kid's Church, we're raising up the next generation of Christian leaders to be bold, courageous and to love God with all their hearts!

Men's Ministries

Men's Minsitries at Central Leo aim to disciple men to to become courageous servant leaders in their homes, at work, and in the community.  We're all about enabling men to lead Godly lives by diving into a deeper understanding of the Bible!

Life Groups

Life Groups are small groups on a mission!  We form lasting friendships, help each other out (roofing, painting, car maintenance, babysitting, hot meals), and we have a blast doing it.  Most importantly, we help each other grow in our faith!  Life Groups often have discussions about the previous Sunday Sermon, allowing for a deeper understanding of the Bible and a chance to ask questions and hash out ideas.  Join a Life Group today and get ready to become part of something that will change your life!