1. Jesus Christ and the Gospel

We affirm the good news that the Son of God became man to offer himself for sinners and to give them everlasting life.

We affirm that Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man with two distinct natures united in one person.

We affirm that the people of God are commanded to witness to the world concerning God’s offer of redemption in Christ.

2. Creation and Fall

We affirm that the triune God created heaven and earth, and made human beings, both male and female, in his own image.

3. God as Source and Ground of Truth

We affirm that God the Creator is the source of truth and the ground of the unity of all truth.

4. The Holy Spirit

We affirm that the Holy Spirit is the third member of the Trinity.

We affirm that He convicts human beings of sin, righteousness and judgment, and regenerates the believing sinner.

We affirm that with regard to believers, He indwells and illuminates; sanctifies, instructs and guides; and empowers for godly living and service.

5. Holy Scripture

We affirm the complete truthfulness and the full and final authority of the Old and New Testament Scriptures as the written Word of God.

6. The Church

We affirm that the church is a worshiping and witnessing community of Christians who profess faith in Christ and submit to his authority.

We affirm the mission of the church to be, primarily, that of evangelism of the lost through witness to the Gospel by life and by word; and secondarily, to be salt and light to the whole world as we seek to alleviate the burdens and injustices of a suffering world.

7. Doctrine and Practice

We affirm the critical need to conjoin faith and practice.

8. Human Rights and Righteousness

We affirm that God commands us to seek justice in human affairs whether in the church or in society.

We affirm the integrity of marriage, the permanence of the wife-husband relationship, the importance of the family for the care and nourishment of children, and the primary responsibility of parents for the instruction of their children.

We affirm that evangelicals living in democratic societies should be active in public affairs.

9. Religious Liberty

We affirm the duty of state and society to provide religious liberty as a basic human right.

10. Second Coming and Judgment

We affirm that Christ will return in power and glory to bring full and eternal salvation to his people and to judge the world.

We affirm that only through the work of Christ can any person be saved and be resurrected to live with God forever.  

We affirm the preaching of ultimate hope in and through Christ.